Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Tyler Bluth!

From Naomi:

1. You are SO darn funny! I can't tell if you are trying to be, or if humor just leaks from your pores on a regular basis, but BOY do you crack me up! And let's face it, sometimes we all need to lighten up a little and have a good laugh.

2. You spoil Janna whenever and however you can. How manly is that!? I love how you get so much joy in getting her something she's been thinking about for a long time, or doing a super nice favor for her, supporting her with her talents and hobbies, or just making sure she feels loved... it makes me feel like there is hope for us all after all.

3. You are a dog man, but still love your cat. Being an animal lover myself (dogs preferred) I think its pretty cool that you share your home with a funny and furry creature and don't seem to mind it one bit (even if you have to pay the big bucks to get thread removed from her belly!).

4. You are VERY intelligent! I particularly enjoy it when you talk about history or reference past conference talks. I've always wished that I could have the kind of recall that you do.

5. You are a stellar husband, father, and provider... once again, VERY MANLY! I have a lot of respect for men who get out of bed everyday and put in the hours to pay the bills and care for their family's needs. But to do that AND still come home and play with your little girl and take care of your wife...That's just AMAZING!

From Kevin:

6. Tyler is a very deceptively funny person that always surprises me with his sense of humor. Tyler definitely knows how to be proper and poised, but can crack a joke with the best of them. I love it.

7. Tyler is an easy person to hang out with and spend time with. He is capable of entertaining himself and this always makes me feel comfortable around him... he never forces a conversation and is happy just sitting and reading, watching a movie or just chillin'. Add to that how clean he is and how naturally he picks up after himself, and Tyler is the PERFECT house guest. I'm serious about that... he's awesome to have stay at your house.

8. I like how the very first time that Tyler and Janna met (at Craig's Missionary homecoming) I could tell that they liked each other. They flirted so awkwardly at first as they traded insults and right hooks (just kidding), but it was fun to watch them grow closer together until they finally broke it to the family that they were going to get hitched. I think we all suspected it before they knew it....

9. Tyler is very patient with Janna and I and is usually willing to give up the TV at a moment's notice to let Janna and I play some games together. I know he rolls his eyes and laughs at us, but it's appreciated all the same!

10. Tyler is an outstanding person, a hard working professional and an exceptional priesthood holder who takes his duties as a husband and father very seriously. I appreciate that, as he did take on the role of taking care of my little sister. I love the fact that I never even had to question or even so much as raise an eyebrow at my sister's choice in a husband. He's a great guy, and I don't think that Janna could have done any better!

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Colleen H. said...

It's true - he's one of the best!