Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Liz Mucci!

From Naomi:

1. You say it how it is. No sugar coating, just the straight up honest truth. And that means when you tell me I look good, I know I really look good! It also means that I can trust you to set me straight when I'm being ridiculous and tell me the truth when I need to hear it the most.

2. You are one of the select few who can make me laugh until I'm near wetting my pants. You're just so darn funny! The only bad thing is, we don't get to spend more time together laughing our guts out.

3. You are a master chef, and although your cooking does nothing to get me closer to my weight loss goals, I always thoroughly enjoy every bite! (Unless Kevin tries to keep all the food to himself and manages to freak out and pour water all over everyone's dinner.)

4. You are my go-to-girl. I know that if I need a last minute ride, a cute hairstyle for a hot date, someone to sit and chill with, or help figuring out my wardrobe, you will be there in a heartbeat to help me out.

5. You are an excellent sister and friend. I've always enjoyed spending time with you, whether we're chillin' on my couch telling stories, or driving to Vegas for a weekend of AFV. Things are just comfortable when we're together because we get how the other operates and accept each other for who we are...faults and flaws included. Thank you for always being there for me and having my back. I love you Lizzard!

From Kevin:

6. Liz is a great dance partner. I remember doing a show with her one time, and she and I were dancing a couple's dance. I completely forgot the dance and she and I had to keep from smiling as she and I made up the rest of the dance on the spot! We had some good laughs over that one, and she has very graciously not made fun of me over the incident!

7. Liz is always fun to hang out with and chill with, she's a great conversationalist and makes it easy to be around her.

8. She is a very determined individual... when she decides she wants something, she works hard to achieve it, even if it means trying several different methods. She isn't afraid to try new tactics, and different ideas as she discovers the best method to attain her goals!

9. She is a fantastic sister to my wife, and whenever she makes the time to chat with or visit with Naomi, it always puts her in a good mood.

10. Liz is a wiz when it comes to clothes. I didn't even mean for that to rhyme. but she has helped me pick out my clothes for Naomi and my wedding engagement pictures... several dates, and always made sure I looked and felt like one classy fella. That's not easy to do!

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