Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Jennie Smith!

1. You are a walking Encyclopedia. It is so fun to go places with you or have conversations with you because you always know some random historical back story about...everything! I feel like every second I spend with you is spent getting smarter.

2. You are the best travel buddy around. Not every person has figured out how to vacation properly, but you've got it nailed. You know when to party, when to relax, what order to hit attractions, what attractions will actually be worth our time, and you are SO laid back. Some of my best memories are from vacationing with you.

3. Your listening skills are unparalleled. I'm pretty sure you know me WAY better than I even know myself. You can listen for hours without interrupting and you can recall everything that was said no matter how minuscule. You even know when to give advice and when to nod your head and smile.

4. You will play Risk for hours on that I don't have to. Kevin loves himself a good Risk partner and I know he enjoys the competition of playing with you. Plus, its nice for me to be able to opt out of using my brain that much and just watch you guys play.

5. You are the best comfort-food-chef I know. You seem to always know which medley of sugars combined will cheer me up the most and you put them together like a master. I'm actually drooling just thinking about your cinnamon zucchini bread as I type this.

6. You are always up for a new matter how crazy it is. I know if I want a buddy to run a marathon with me, or a two day race, or to travel to some random part of the country with me just to be random, you will be the first one on board and you won't back out!

7. You are comfortable to be around. I can go anywhere with you, with any set of people, and feel comfortable just hanging out. You don't need to be entertained and you know how to include yourself without being awkward. You relate well to others and make them feel interesting and wanted. You're just a great companion!

8. You love the gospel and you aren't afraid to share your testimony. In fact, you live your testimony so well that it would be nearly impossible to pass you by without thinking you're a Mormon. And you not only live the gospel to its fullest, but you go out of your way to learn more about it every day. Your internal gospel library is astounding.

9. You are the ultimate Auntie/Babysitter. My girls love you so much and are always excited for you to come and visit. You seem to have mastered the fun-to-discipline ratio and the girls know they can't mess with you but that you will still be loads of fun to play with.

10. You are the BEST friend a girl could ask for. You always have my back, you have a sixth sense for when I need you to call me the most, you are a fun story teller and a great listener, you accept me for who I am, and I know that you love me. Thanks for always being there for me Jen. You are the best!

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Kevin Hanks said...

Gonna have to agree with the RISK one. Jennie's a pretty good RISK buddy... even if she plays dirty!