Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Brooklyn Hanks!

(aka Brook, Brookie Bear, Worm, Chubs, Monkey, B)

1. She is the funniest person we know! We wish we could just record her all day long so everyone else could hear all the funny things she says.

2. She is both dramatic and imaginative which makes her a loose canon at times but also keeps our days exciting and fresh.

3. She is always SUPER excited to see us, and often thanks us repeatedly for coming home whilst hanging on our legs and showering us with kisses.

4. She is very helpful and loves to make dinner, get the mail, take out the trash, throw away diapers, and rule over Lily...I mean watch out for Lily :)

5. She loves to climb into bed with us in the morning and wake us up by kissing us all over our faces and whispering "I love you" in our ears.

6. She is the most grateful and appreciative 3 year old alive. Whenever we do ANYTHING that makes her happy, she thanks us and tells us how much she loves us over-and-over again.

7. She is sweet and compassionate. Whenever we are sick or even appear to be sad, she gets very concerned and starts to hover around us telling us we will be OK and petting our hair. When she is feeling especially nice, she will even offer to give us a special treat or allow us to share her bunk bed with her if it will make us feel better.

8. She is one tough cookie. She not only gets up and dusts herself off after a bad spill, but she doesn't take crap from anyone. If she knows something is wrong, she will say so and she will enforce the rules on anybody if she feels it is necessary.

9. She keeps us in check. If we say something negative about the way we look or say something unkind, she tells us that we are making Jesus cry.

10. She always tries her hardest to be a good little girl and do what her Mommy and Daddy tell her to. She trusts us with all her heart and loves us unconditionally. We love our little Brookie Bear and are so grateful she is a part of our family!

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Colleen H. said...

And boy, oh boy, do we love her!!! Glad you're in our family, Brooklyn.