Friday, February 25, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Tony Mucci!

1. You have a great sense of humor and are always making people laugh... and as we all know, a great laugh can make ANYONE feel good!

2. You are EXTREMELY musically talented. It's one thing to be able to play an instrument or sing on tune, but you have entire symphonies bouncing around in your head and that amazes us.

3. You are super protective of Liz, which is both sweet and manly. Every girl deserves a man who is willing to fight for her honor.

4. You are willing to sacrifice so much to make your marriage work. Everyone who is married, or has ever been married, knows that marriage is hard sometimes and requires sacrifices from both parties, but you have had to sacrifice more than most and we are grateful that our sister gets to see how important she really is to you.

5. You are a fantastic teacher. Whether it is your consistency and love in home teaching, or your patience and dedication to your primary calling, or even your fun loving spirit when briefing for a laser tag game, you know how to get your message across in a way that will stick and be taken to heart.

6. You are kind and respectful to Mom and Dad and are willing to help out whenever they ask. It means a lot to us that they are in good hands while we are living so far away, especially when mom is sick!

7. You are majorly social...and in our family that is kind of a MUST! We are always impressed with your ability to jump right in to a conversation and become a part of any party. That's the way we like it!

8. You are incredibly intelligent. Not only can you understand just about any subject, or quote any General Authority on ANY topic, but you can also carry on a conversation with Josh and understand more than half of what he is talking about...which is truly a talent in and of itself!

9. You are a true blue FOODIE just like the rest of us! Thus, you can party with the best of 'em and you totally get it when we just need to sit on the couch and eat an entire package of Oreo's for no apparent reason.

10. You have allowed yourself to be a part of our family, rain or shine, for or against, crazy or sane. Joining families is never a perfectly clean or exact process, and sometimes it can be stressful, but you've done it. You've accepted us ALL and put yourself out there for us to accept as well. We are so grateful to call you brother Tony! We love you!


Liz Uda Mucci said...

WOW! Awesome! I love lots of things about Tony! :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Tony! That is so sweet and sure made him smile.
Love you guys

Kevin Hanks said...

I would have been even better if Naomi would have let me add #11: about how huge Tony's biceps are.