Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Brian Hanks!

(aka G-Baby, and Pig-in-the-room)

From Naomi:

1. You are the definition of a Big Brother. You are always watching out for your siblings (and their other halves). We each know we can call you for good advice, expect a good answer, and even get a good follow-up. You are aware of our struggles and strengths and you are constantly encouraging us to be our best selves. That being said, you also know what buttons to push, you tease us or put us in our place when we need it, nerd-out when it is necessary, and enforce the law-of-the-jungle whenever you feel the need to show us all who's boss. You are a Big Brother through and through!

2. You are the coolest and most mature nerdy 12 year old I know! It never ceases to surprise me how quickly you can move from the smooth, collected business man to the nerdy Star craft playing, M&M loving school boy, and I admire your ability to play in both worlds.

3. You motivate me to be a better goal-setter and goal-achiever. Whenever you think of an area you want to improve in, you immediately set a goal and take action, and EVERYONE respects a man of action!

4. You are a fun-loving uncle to my girls. I feel so lucky that they know you, love you, and want to be around you. You aren't afraid to roll around on the floor with them, throw them around, act like a crazed animal to make them laugh, and even help out with the dirty jobs like diapers and feeding time if its needed.

5. You let me play the "Brian Card" whenever I need it the most, you give me "Man Points" when I do something worth a mention, and you laugh at my jokes...what more could a girl ask for!? Thanks for being my big brother too. We love you Brian!

From Kevin:

6. You've always got my back and are willing to come to my aide when I need it. I can't count how many times you've taken a hit for me, and it's always appreciated!

7. You're always encouraging me to plan ahead, make goals, hold myself accountable, and to not be afraid of taking action.

8. I can think of 3 jobs that I've held in my life that I got as a direct result of your help and actions:
-Serving food at Apple Tree Retirement (first REAL job ever!)
-Testing Forensic Software at that "one place" (what an interesting experience that turned out to be for BOTH of us!)
-Structural Engineering at Burns & McDonnell (I got my current job because of you when no one else in my graduating class could so much as get an interview with an engineering company!)
No other single person has helped me out SO much!

9. You're a great uncle and my girls (mostly Brooklyn) are always excited for several days before and after you visit.

10. You taught me in high school the value of the doughnut run. Mmmmmmmm!


Natalie said...

Aren't I lucky to be married to that such a great guy? :)

Colleen H. said...

He truly is great. I think it's genetic (hee hee).