Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oportunistic Uda Family Photo Shoot!

Uda Invasion Part 5: Geneva and Good Bye

After we spent the day downtown, the Udas and the Hanks family all packed up to go to Geneva to stay at the Rigg Manor! That way, we could all be together in the same house!

The next day was Sunday and at 9am we went to the Rigg family's church building and the 5 of us sisters sang in sacrament together!

After church, Kevin, Liz, my dad, and me all drove back to Westmont for lunch and then we headed over to Woodridge to attend church at the Hanks' church building where Kevin spoke in Sacrament! We were surprised when Rachel, Becca, and Sarah also walked in in the middle of the meeting to support Kevin while he spoke. I have such an amazing family!

After Kevin spoke, 3 of the girls headed back to Geneva and me and Liz and Kevin drove dad to the airport :( We were sad to see him go, but so glad he made it out for the weekend!

That night we drove back to Geneva where we had an amazing international potluck dinner!! I was in charge of making Mac and Cheese for the kiddos with "sensitive" pallets :)

The next day we had a girls date to the nail salon and then out to lunch! It was so fun to get pampered with my sisters again.

We even brought the little girls to join in on the fun. As you can imagine, they thought it was the best thing that ever happened to them!

Later that night, my friend Liberty came up to take some family pictures of us since it is pretty rare to have Chris and Pae around for pictures. I will post more shots from the shoot later.

That night we said goodbye to Liz since she had to leave at 5 in the morning :( But first she unloaded a very large amount of gifts on us all and showered us with love. It was hard going to bed that night knowing that soon everyone would be gone.

The next day we had to say goodbye to Sarah and Manti. I gave Manti the biggest hug before they left but then I started to cry so I handed him off to Rachel for this picture. We hung out some more that night and watched some movies in preparation for saying goodbye to everyone else the next morning.

And then the time came... Wednesday morning rolled around and Kevin and I drove Chris and Pae to the airport and then later that day Becca drove Rachel to the airport... and then they were all gone :( It was so amazing having my siblings here with me and sharing so many neat experiences with them. I love each and every one of them, as well as my incredible parents, and can't wait until we meet again!