Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Jacob Uda!

From Naomi:

1. You are THE "straight and narrow path" in my life. No matter what occured in our lives, or who mocked you, you always stood your ground and followed the teachings that you believe in. You are a phenomenal example to me of doing what is right and serving the Lord.

2. You are one of the BEST temple buddies I have ever had. Some of my fondest memories are from the month before you left on your mission when we went to the temple every week and did something new. You were always so diligent in your attendance and responsibilities and it meant so much to me that you were willing to take time out of your busy schedule and lug me along.

3. You are my favorite dance partner. I never would have thought when we first started learning to dance that you would ever pick up the rhythms, or that I would ever remember the moves, but we both eventually figured it out and since then we have had tons of fun learning and making up dances together. Also, it has been so fun to watch our talents grow and to be able to use them to make others happy, and I'm glad I got to do that with you.

4. You are always the first one on the scene. Anytime I ever needed help in my life, you were there. It didn't matter if it was to help me clean, learn a new dance, move to a new location, or just be there as a shoulder to cry on, you had my back. I consider myself VERY lucky to have a brother who is so sensitive, selfless, and supportive.

5. You are not only my brother, but you are TRULY my friend. We have had so much fun together throughout the years, playing games, going to luaus, hiking up mountains, and just hanging out. But besides that, we have had some really awesome life experiences too, like gaining a testimony of the temple together, learning about relationships together, and learning more about each other whilst chasing Kevin around the entire state of Utah in the Santa Fe. Thank you for always being there for me Jakey. I love you yer stinkin' guts!

From Kevin:

6. He's an excellent and patient teacher: Jake taught me the Haka, Mea Pa'ani Kinipopo, Ku'u Hoa, Keahi alapa, AND the macarena.

7. Jake is always fun to hang out and do stuff with. We can go running, bowling, play RISK, go hiking, to football games etc. Jake has a gift for making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. He also has a gift for pushing me to be better. I still remember to this day running with Jake after moving back to Utah, and having him kick my trash and leaving me in his dust on a 3 mile run. Funny thing is though, during that run I broke a 7-min/mile pace, and have never had a problem with that barrier again!

8. He's an excellent example of what Christ-like charity really is. It seems Jake is always out doing some kind of service helping people out. When we lived at his parent's house at the same time, if it was snowing and I wasn't out of the door by 7 AM, Jake had already beat me to it: shoveling not only our driveway, but most of the neighbor's driveway too.

9. Jake knows how to treat women with respect. Who knows, maybe it was growing up with 5 sisters and under their constant threat, but Jake was a good example to me of treating women with kindness, respect and making them feel like the most important thing in the world.

10. Jake has wash-board abs that make most people cry. I do sit ups every morning just in the hopes, that I too, may have the option of lighting a match on my 6-pack.


Uda-007 said...

Wow I thought this was super nice...and then I read reason number 10 and realized that you guys must have been talking about another Jacob Uda. Gosh I hate it when people steal your identity. ;) j/k

Thanks guys...That means so much to me.

Tau said...

Can people really light matches on their abs?