Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Things we LOVE about Cindy Uda!

(aka Cynthia, Mom, Grandma Uda)

From Naomi:

1. You are the Giving Tree! No matter what is asked of you, you will go out of your way to give it. No matter how ridiculous the request, how much sacrifice you have to make, no matter what expense it is to you or your health, you give. Even if that means simply offering a place to sit when you have been reduced to nothing but a stump. Because of you, I will always understand the true meaning of Selfless Service.

2. You are the Iron Chef. It doesn't matter what you cook, it turns out perfect, and I often find myself in that scene from "What about Bob?" when I eat your food. Now that I am grown and far away, I frequently find myself craving a home cooked meal from you and it is nice to be able to call you at anytime and ask for recipes or advice in cooking (although stuff never tastes as good when I make it).

3. You are the ULTIMATE mother! I was always amazed that you managed to raise 8 children, plus several foster children, plus several daycare children, and still remain sane, productive, clean, service oriented, and balanced. Now that I have children of my own, I don't understand it at all. The only explanation that comes to mind is that you must secretly be Wonder Woman!

4. You're happiness comes from making others happy...thus, you are a VERY happy person! Whether it is spending a little extra time with someone, being a listening ear, strolling through the Hallmark store for hours to find the perfect card, or treating someone to a quiet lunch, you are always doing what you can to make others happy...and it works!

5. You are not just my mother, you are also my teacher, my hero, and my friend. I love you so much and respect all the things you have accomplished and overcome in your life. As long as you are around, I know I will always have someone to turn to for advice, a shoulder to cry on, an accessible source of knowledge, and a place of refuge. I love you mom!

From Kevin:

6. She makes the most amazing chili and clam chowder I’ve ever eaten!

7. She’s always willing to serve and help out, any way she can.

8. She’s always happy to let a poor starving college student live in her basement.

9. She loves her grand-kids, and her grand-kids love her!

10. She raised a wonderful daughter that turned out to be a pretty good Mom herself!


Sarah said...

We have the best mom in the world! I love all these posts Naomi. I love all these people too and reading what you have put down about them makes me want to call them all and give them hugs. Great idea

Tara said...

Your mom and dad are both really special people. We all have those people we have met in life that have just really impacted us, who have touched our lives for good and your parents are one of those couples for me. Such amazing role models. It's pretty obvious why you guys all turned out so cool. :)

JS said...

ditto! i love your mom, well now my mom::whoot! and i am so blessed and happy to be a part of the Uda gang. I couldnt have asked for better in laws and of course awesome siblings! love the idea! love ya!

Tau said...

Agree. Mom Uda is awesome!

Colleen H. said...

Wow. Cindy looks more beautiful today than when she was younger. Way to go!

Pae and Guy said...

How lucky am I to have not only one, but two awesome moms...and soon to be THREE!!

Moms come along at different stages in our lives, conventionally a Mom-mom and a Mom-in-law. I get two Mom-moms and soon a Mom-in-law!

Cindy-Mom (Pae and I use Cindy-Mom, Betsy-Mom and Ubon-Mom to indicate who we're talking about) got me when I was an annoying teenager, but I'm sure I was part of her relationship with dad for many years prior to us ever meeting.

Did I mention that I was annoying? In spite of those teen stages, and even as a thirty something (haha), and through thick and thin she continued and continues to love me.

That's cool! I am lucky and I know that she will be a wonderful influence and example of motherly love and caring to Pae when we are actually all able to meet and spend time together.

We love you mom

Beccarigg said...

Um yeah, Mom pretty much RULES!! I'm amazed she hasn't been translated yet, it's probably because God knows we'd all be too much of a wreck without her so he's letting her stay for our sakes! :)

p.s. my word verifications was hinies! hahaha!