Friday, September 7, 2012

Utah: Part 13 (Wrapping things up in Kaysville)

July 14-16 were our last days in Kaysville, but that didn't mean we had any less fun!

On the 14th, Grandma set up an outdoor movie in her backyard! She had drinks and popcorn for everyone, as well as a comfortable pillow and blanket for each child! It was a beautiful evening to be hanging out outside and the kids loved watching The Little Mermaid under the stars!

Earlier that day, Grandpa pulled out his scooter and took us all to the elementary school park near his house! The kids LOVED taking turns on the scooter, which actually surprised me since Lily had seemed so scared of it earlier in the week!

Once we were at the park there was much fun to be had between the swings, slides, rock climbing wall, and rides (complements of Uncle Brian and Grandpa!)

But of course, Lily had the most fun on the non-play equipment. She spent the majority of her time running circles around the playground border before it was time for us to head back home.

The next day we went to church, spent time chatting, and prepared to say our goodbyes on Monday morning. We had so much fun with the Hanks crew and were VERY thankful that each of them took the time to come visit us while we were in Utah! Love you guys!

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