Friday, September 7, 2012

A Vacation from our Vacation!

On July 19th, my mom and I packed my tired little girls back into the car and started our long drive toward good ol' Illinois. It was a much more tiring journey on the way back than it was coming in, but somehow we survived. We took as many stretching breaks as we could along the way and crashed at a hotel at the halfway mark. And before long, we were back home.

Once we arrived, we pretty much slept for 2 straight days, and then when we woke up not much changed! We managed to make it through an entire season of Downton Abby, and 2 seasons of Jericho before throwing ourselves out the door for a Sushi run and a date at the movies. I also managed to go out to lunch with my friend Tiffany during this time, thanks to my dear, sweet mother, who watched our kids while we were away. Anyway, our lethargy lasted for nearly 6 days before we finally decided to get up and play a little before my mom had to head back to Utah. But I will post more on that later!

To be continued...

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