Friday, September 7, 2012

Utah: Part 12 (More Visitors!)

On July 11th, we woke up bright and early and headed outside to fill up the pool for the kids...

Unfortunately, they couldn't wait for it to fill all the way, and one by one they dived in...fully dressed! They spent a lot of time in the pool together and wore themselves out pretty good in preparation of Brian and Natalie's arrival later on!

But first, I headed back down to Pleasant Grove to have one last lunch with my sisters before they had to get back to work :( We had some really great grub at Cafe Rio and enjoyed our time together before I drove back to Kaysville to hang out with Natalie and her cute kiddos.

When I got back, Grandma had the kids all set up for music time before bed! She gave them each a unique instrument and they practiced rhythms while Grandma played the piano and the rest of us sang.  Here is a little sampling of our amazing collective talents:

When we were done with music time, Grandma herded us all into the living room for story time!

She let each child pick a story for her to read and then EVERYONE got to enjoy it together.

Even Auntie Natalie got in on the fun and read to the little kids who were too distracted to sit still with the bigger kids!

Then, when we were done reading books, Auntie Janna shared one last story/song with us all before it was time for bed. Here is a small portion of what she shared with us:

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