Thursday, September 20, 2012

August in Pictures...

 Brooklyn got invited to Tucker's birthday party at the fire station!

 She thoroughly enjoyed her firehouse tour given by the firemen themselves.

She also got invited to Lorenzo and Isabella's birthday party at the Children's museum where Lorenzo's grandma made this amazing cake!

We took a beautiful walk through our nearby Lyman woods. The girls had a blast finding nature treasures.

 Kevin finished reading the girls' first chapter book with them. I didn't think they would get into a book without pictures, but they absolutely LOVED it!

We got to play at the FREE splash pad by the church a few times. I think the kids really liked playing in water that had no chance of drowning them.

 Kevin took the Teacher's Quorum on a super long Saturday bike ride...and everyone survived!

We broke in our fire pit by letting the Teacher's Quorum learn some dutch oven skills in our backyard!

And all-in-all, August was a pretty chill month. Especially after a month of vacationing! :)

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Beccarigg said...

Okay the 2nd pic in of Brooklyn is SOOOOO precious I can' t stop staring at it! I lover her sweet happy face and I'm so excited to be closer to my precious little nieces! Also love that pic of them on a nature walk and Brooklyn is dressed like she's going to a fancy tea party! Lol! Love the girly girlness :)