Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our 7th Anniversary!

7 years ago, on August 13th, I married Kevin...
Best dang decision I EVER made!

So to celebrate the occasion, I decided I was going to give our backyard a little makeover. That way, we could sit under the stars around our campfire and watch the meteor shower (which was conveniently scheduled to grace our skies ON our anniversary!) whilst eating s'mores and snuggling by the warmth of our fire.

I quickly got to work on our neglected yard realizing the project would take some time. I weeded, mowed, de-cluttered, trimmed, and chopped away at the yard, but the majority of my time was spent cleaning out our fire pit. This picture was taken when I was almost done, but the previous renters had left it stacked about 3 feet deep with sticks, leaves, and wasps! LOTS OF WASPS! I spent two weeks spraying, shoveling, running, spraying, shoveling, running...by the end, the wasps were on to me and they started dive bombing me EVERY time I walked out the door. It was terrifying! Then I got wise and decided to drown the suckers! After an hour of running the hose on them and then 2 days of rain, we finally killed them all!

Once the fire pit was taken care of, I got to work on our "new" patio furniture! Our friends got some new furniture of their own and offered us their old set for free! So I slapped some paint on it and made some cute cushions and voila! New patio furniture for EVERYONE!

Well, our anniversary finally came and with it, rain! LOTS OF RAIN! Thus, we could NOT see the meteor shower, roast marshmallows, or enjoy the backyard makeover that I worked ever so hard on :( But that's OK...

We were able to enjoy Kevin's gift to me instead! For our anniversary he built me a brand new entertainment center that I LOVE! We grabbed some Redboxes and did a little grocery shopping, then headed home for dinner and a movie!

 For dinner we made our famous "Love Lasagna!" We've made lasagna every year for our anniversary and I must say, after 7 years it has evolved into a masterpiece! We snarfed it down and then had some microwave s'mores for dessert :) All-in-all it turned out to be a fantastic evening and a great way to celebrate 7 years with the most wonderful man on earth!

Here's to another 70 just like it!

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Beccarigg said...

Oh wow!! Seeing the before pics of your patio furniture is nuts!! That came out AMAZING! You guys are seriously the king and queen of DIY awesomness. Can't wait to see what magical makeovers you do to our new house :)

Happy Anniversary too! Marrying Kevin was definitely the best dang decision you ever made. You guys are such a great couple and I'm so so glad you found each other!