Friday, September 21, 2012

Brooklyn's Last Year of Preschool!

On September 10th, Brooklyn started her last year of preschool! She is splitting class days between our house, Teacher Arielle's house, and themed field trips, and is LOVING it! The best part about doing preschool out of my own home is that I actually get to see first hand what Brooklyn is learning, how fast she picks up on things, and what she needs to work on. We are so proud of our little smarty pants! If you want to see what she looked like last year on the first day of school, click HERE.


Beccarigg said...

So so cute! I love her smile in that pic, it's so real and genuine :) Also love her dragon tales wish :) Brinley's greatest wish right now is that all her stuffed animals will come alive. She wishes for it every night and it breaks my heart to see how disappointed she is each morning when they still haven't come to life! Sweet innocent 4 year olds :)

Kevin Hanks said...

What a cutie. Love these shots of her. She'll LOVE these when she's older. Great idea!