Friday, September 7, 2012

Utah: Part 11 (Back to Kaysville)

By July 9th, we were back in Kaysville enjoying some more rest and relaxation with the Hanks Clan!

Grandma started us out with a nice shopping trip to the mall! The little girls got to try on hats, wave wands at a magic mirror and talk to princesses, and ride around the water fountains in their little strollers. Grandma even spoiled them a little and sent Brooklyn home with a set of Disney Princesses, Lily with a stuffed kitty from the Aristocats and a stuffed puppy from 101 Dalmatians, and Audrey made off with Maximus from Tangled!

And when the girls were all done getting spoiled, they got to play around in the many water features around the mall. Lily especially enjoined the water rainbow, as is evident by the enormous smile on her face!

The next day, Grandma and Janna got to work getting the backyard set up like a water park for all the kiddos to play in.

At first Lily preferred soaking her feet in the storage bin...

While her cousin Audrey enjoyed trying to figure out how to take a ride down the slip n slide with the boogie board!

Then Kevin came out and showed the girls how to get some real speed on the boogie board :)

After that, Lily decided to brave the board and took a thrilling ride into the splash pool.

Turns out, that's all she needed to become inseparable with the new backyard water feature!

Anyway, we let the girls play in the sun and water until nap time and then Janna took Kevin and I for a night (errr...afternoon) out on the town! 

We paid a visit to Boondock's where we ate pizza, hit the batting cages, and did a little bowling...

and of course, there were some arcade games involved. I personally prefer the games where you shoot things, but Kevin and Janna managed to convince me to try a round of dancing before they took over and dominated the game!

Later that night we came home and found that Grandma had set up the house for Karaoke night! (For the kids, not adults.  Thank Goodness!) Here is a little sampling of what we got to listen too:

Lily was a little loud and has a pretty small repertoire of songs, but it was sure fun watching her sing her guts out! (P.S. I think she had to pee!)

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