Thursday, September 20, 2012

Labor Day camp out... sort of!

On Labor Day weekend, we decided to go on a camp out with our friends, the Booths. But since we both have small children...

We took the safe road and decided to do it in my backyard where there would be access to a functional kitchen, flushing toilets (for the potty training 2 year old), and soft beds in case some of the kiddos couldn't survive the night on the ground!

The Booths showed up in the early evening with all their supplies on hand and we were ready to party!

Then we made quick work of the tents so we could get started on dinner before the kids noticed that they were hungry.

In the meantime, the girls were all VERY distracted by the sandbox. (And by "VERY" distracted, I mean they may or may not have filled all of our sleeping bags with sand while we were not looking!)

Anyway, the camp out offered us another chance to use our fire pit and Kevin and Robert were expert boy scouts when it came to chopping wood and making a fire. In no time at all we were roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and having a jolly good time!

After dinner we put the kids down in the tents and then sat around the fire laughing our heads off about funny British practical joke shows while we waited for the kids to fall asleep.

By the time we went into the tents (around 12:30am...been a long time since I've done that!) Brooklyn and Lily were passed out cold! The Booth's older daughter was also passed out, but their youngest ended up needing a trip to the indoor beds. Thank goodness we had them!

In the morning Kevin and Robert made us DELICIOUS waffles and bacon!

And then we sat around telling stories, laughing some more, and letting the girls watch funny cat videos on the iPhone.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and soon the Booth's had to pack up their things and head back home. But at least they left us with good memories from our backyard camping days!


Natalie said...

So, funny thing: I dated Rob in 2003! We go way back. I even went to his wedding reception. I thought he was doing real estate in SLC. What's he doing in Chicagoland?

Beccarigg said...

Um...Great minds TOTALLY think alike!! We were totes having a backyard campout on labor day too!! I swear our brains are twins separated at birth!! Looks like a great time, LOVE the pic of the girls passed out in the tent. Gotta love it :) Can't wait till we are out there and can have more backyard campouts with your sweet fire pit! Booyah!