Sunday, September 16, 2012

Out of Hibernation!

After several days of post-vacation-hibernation, Brooklyn and Lily finally coaxed Grandma and I out of bed and out the door!

Once we were up, we had a ton of fun playing at the local parks with the girls. It was so awesome to see my mom get right up on the playground equipment with them to play. The girls especially liked it when she went down the slide with them and pushed them in the swings.

And, as if Grandma weren't already cool enough, she actually took the time to make us our very own batch of her legendary peanut butter fudge...and she let us lick the pot!

She even went the extra mile and made an amazing pot of chicken long rice to share at the High Priest Group multicultural potluck dinner! And you know what?  All that cooking and playing was just enough to get us prepped and ready for a day trip to downtown Chicago! But I will have to post more on that, LATER!

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