Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Uda-Beardsley Bash!

One of the many benefits of being in Utah again was that I not only got to see my siblings, my parents, and my in-laws, but I also got to see tons of cousins and a few old friends as well!

In fact, our visit just happened to coincide perfectly with Melissa's (my new cousin-in-law) bridal shower, and I was lucky enough to attend with my mom and sisters.

And then later on in the week... my mom invited her sister Carol and all their kids over for a Uda-Beardsley Bash. Just for FUN!

Growing up, the Beardsleys were our closest cousins and best friends, so it was a blast having them all jammed into out house again.

In our two families, our ages match up like this: Bruce is the same age as Becca (or right between Becca and I), Mandy is the same age as Sarah, Ashley is the same age as Jake, and Sean is the same age as Liz. This made for instant companionship growing up and as we've gotten older we've found that we ALL like to hang out with each other (even my older siblings), no matter where we fall in line with age.

Anyway, once the party started it was just like old times! We poked fun at each other, laughed, ate, and even played a round of Vroom! (To which Mandy came out VICTORIOUS!)

Then when all was said and done, we gave hugs, said our goodbyes, and all went home to put our little kiddos to bed! (huh... "our little kiddos" ... never thought I'd be saying that when I was growing up!)


Beccarigg said...

Can someone please photoshop me into these pictures? please?! Once again, totally wish I could've been there, especially to meet Seanie's little bride. She looks like such a cutie. Oh and That pic of mom and aunt Carol is awesome. Maybe she should make that one her profile pic, I can't decide.

Sarah said...

I can't believe I got out so fast in Vroom! I used to be the queen of that game. I blame it on mommy brains. I hope our "kiddos" are close like that. Brooklyn and Lily are very close in age to Noa and Micah. :)