Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lily is 18 Months Old!

On August 12th, our sweet little Lily turned 18 months old. No, its not a birthday, but it does mean she can FINALLY go to nursery and she has reached a big milestone in her short life! So to mark the special occasion, I thought I would take a look back at how much she has grown:

Lily was born on February 12th 2010. It was a fast process. The doctor sent me to get induced that day after she discovered that Lily was already on her way out! All 8 lbs and 6 oz of adorable chubby goodness came out after 3 pushes and soon we were able to bring her home.

Because she came out so fast, Lily resembled Jabba the Hutt for a short period of time. I'm sure she'll hate hearing about that when she's older, but it always gives us a good laugh!

And besides, within a week of her birth, her head went back to normal and she turned out to be pretty darn cute after all :)

At 3 months old it was clear to me that I would have another little girl that didn't look that much like her mommy. Lily's hair started to curl up and lighten around that time and her eyes showed definite signs of staying blue!

But by 6 months Lily proved to be more like me than I thought! She was totally goofy and had a fantastic sense of humor, and loved to eat! People even started to say she looked like me by then.

At 9 months she proved to be even more of a character than we thought! She crawled like a bear wherever she went, laughed at everything we did, and started mimicking some of the funniest sounds I've ever heard.

1 year brought walking, and thus, dancing! Also, the ability to joke and tease with big sis and follow mommy around like a little satellite.

By 15 months Lily's sense of adventure came out, as well as her ability to communicate. She started to love swimming, jumping, animals, and bugs, and got pretty good at saying "Daddy, Mommy, Brooko, and Milk".

Now at 18 months old, Lily loves to eat chocolate, cheese, pasta, and fruit. She can say many words and sentences including:
No No Brookie,
Up Please
Down Please
Thank you
Good Girl
Good Doggie
See you guys!
Cookie and Chocolate

She can also sing parts of most of the theme songs on Nick Jr. and parts of the ABC song and Twinkle Little Star. She loves to jump off of things, no matter how high or who is there to catch her. She loves chasing bugs down and talking to them, putting doggies in headlocks (Elmyra style) and kissing them to pieces, snuggling her mommy and daddy, being thrown or spun around repetitively, running free outside, playing dress up with Brookie, taking things in and out of boxes and containers over and over again, (which leaves a pretty big mess in my kitchen) dancing like a mad woman, hug attacking her Daddy when he gets home from work, going to nursery, (thank goodness) ...and she LIVES to pick on her big sister whenever the opportunity presents itself!

As for stats: She is 33 inches tall (90th percentile), 27.7 pounds in weight (75th percentile), right on track with her language skills, and a little above average with her physical skills.

We are so grateful to have our little Lily (aka: Lillers, Lilykabilsters, Lil, Lilly-kins) in our lives. She is a handful of independent hilarity and has brought great joy and great adventures into our home! And now I must end this post so that I can stop her from falling down the stairs in a pair of pink high heels!


Beccarigg said...

Oh my gosh she was such a chubby little Jabba baby!! Those pictures are hilarious! (in a super adorable precious Jabba way ; ) 18 months is one of my favorite ages because they're really starting to become little personality packed people. Love that some of her first words include cookie and chocolate. She must be related to me : )

Tau said...

I love nursery...and that Lily is here and she that she is such a great kid and will someday be an opera singer.

Brian Hanks said...

I laugh out loud (for a long time) every time I see the "Eeeeehxcellent Mr. Smithers" picture. I think that should be on a wall somewhere!

Janna and Tyler said...

Brian and I must be siblings after all! I also laugh uproariously every time I see Lily's "Excellent Smithers" picture. Probably my favorite picture of her.

Sarah said...

Lily is such a wonderful addition to your family. This is such a wonderful post that I know she is going to cherish one day. I need to be better about documenting my little guys lives. What a precious little girl you have and she does totally remind me of you.