Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Idaho or BUST!

As soon as we were finished taking family pictures on Tuesday, Kevin and I packed up some overnight bags, hopped in the car, and drove to Idaho with Janna and Tyler to see their new home.

We got there in the early evening and took the grand tour. Then we just ate, relaxed, and let the girls run wild before it was time for bed.

First thing in the morning, Janna and I went for a nice run together, picked up a stray cat, got home, fed our kiddos, and then took the cat back after realizing no one was going to be able to keep it :)

Then Kevin made some bread dough before we took off for the local zoo. (It turns out that altitude really does make your dough rise differently. Ours was overflowing by the time we got home!)

The zoo was right down the street and was the perfect way to start the day. (Even if Lily REALLY didn't want to sit on the tiger's back.)

I was AMAZED at how many animals were out and about! They were all wide awake and active, which made our trip EXTRA fun!

Another thing that made the trip fun was that the animals were really close to the path and were easy to see. Also, the path was short and simple for little kids to travel... which definitely made things better for the parents!

Anyway, the animals were so active that we even got to be up close and personal with this little guy. He was just hanging out on the window, perfect for a photo-op!

At the end of our animal tour we stopped in at the petting zoo! It was basically a large cage with tons of goats who were VERY used to being clobbered by little children.

Lilly was bout the same size as the goats but she didn't seem to care. She LOVED feeding them and kept patting their heads and saying, "Good Doggie!"

She and Brooklyn were quite the little pair, chasing around the goats and giving them all their love!

Brooklyn even got in on the grooming action before we decided it was time to head over to the carnival rides right outside the zoo.

The rides were the first we've ever seen that didn't have a height limit... SO, Brooklyn finally got to ride a Ferris Wheel! (Something she's been begging to do since she was only 18 months old!)

And as you can see, she had the time of her life with her Daddy by her side.

Lily and Audrey even got to go on a ride! Although Audrey was pretty scared of the ride attendant. It was pretty funny actually. She was fine riding in the airplane, but every time she flew into view of the guy, she would start screaming!

Lily, on the other hand, was pretty indifferent to the whole experience. But at least WE had fun watching her fly around :)

After the rides were over, we took the girls home and put them down for naps so that we could go to the dairy when they woke up!

Once we got there, they got to pet baby cows...

Some ponies...

And some more goats. (Who seemed a bit grumpier then the ones at the zoo.)

Then we all enjoyed some AMAZING ice cream together before heading over to the soccer fields to watch Tyler coach his team!

When we got there, Kevin showed his great maturity by rolling down the hill to the fields below. Brooklyn was pretty impressed! :)

Then we watched Tyler take charge of the Melaleuca team and play a great soccer game!

They were doing pretty good while we were there, despite their very small team and the fact that none of the girls on the team could get a sub!

But alas, after a crazy long day of fun and excitement, the girls couldn't take it any more. So, we had to head home before the game was over. Once we got there, we put all the kids to bed and then Janna and Kevin went to a video arcade while I watched the girls. When they got back, they brought Thai food and we all enjoyed a fantastic dinner before heading off to dream land.

To be continued...


Tau said...

Idaho...who knew it was so much fun :)

Sarah said...

I second Tau. Their zoo is so much cooler than ours... at least there animals don't look like they're dying. Jana and Tyler have such a nice home. I'm happy for them. I have never been able to get my dough to rise like that. I need to know Kevin's secret. I bet that made some good dough. I'm glad you guys were able to do so many great things with all your family while you were out here.