Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GREAT Grandma and Grandpa Hanks!

The morning after our marathon play date with the Bluth's, Janna and I woke up early for a run and then got everyone ready for a trip to Saint Anthony to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Hanks!

When we got there, Brooklyn immediately attached herself to Grandma Hanks! They had so much fun playing hide and go seek and running a muck in the living room while the little girls ran circles around the coffee table.

Soon Grandpa came in from working outside and then Grandma fed us an INCREDIBLE lunch!
Brooklyn was pretty excited to see her Grandpa and it wasn't long before she was wearing his hat and following him around every where he went.

After lunch, Grandpa pulled out the 4 wheeler and let us all take turns riding around the property on it!

Then we let the girls loose to play in the dirt!

It was a total dream come true for them. There were so many things to touch and explore and Brooklyn's imagination was working in overtime!

It took Lily a little longer to decide if she liked having dirt between her toes or not. But once she decided she liked it, she was unstoppable!

After a while, Grandpa had Kevin help him unhook the tractor so he could take Brooklyn on a little ride.

It doesn't get much cooler than that for a 3 year old!

When the tractor ride came to an end, the girls did a little more exploring with the farm equipment and then Brooklyn followed Grandpa around while he was killing weeds and watered everything that looked like it could still be alive. :)

Then we said our goodbyes, gave a few more hugs, and hopped in the car to drive to Pleasant Grove, UT for yet another fun stop on our vacation.

But not before Grandma loaded us up with a bunch of treats and a lot of love! Thank you Great Grandma and Grandpa Hanks for letting us spend the day with you. We all had SO much fun and love you more than you know!

To be continued...


Beccarigg said...

Love how you're getting all artsy with your pics. They look fantastic! So fun that you got to hang out with the great grandparents!

Anonymous said...

well with help of dell, i want you to know we loved your bogs and you did us proud. will send along the teddy bear! much love from grt grandma.

Sarah said...

I love that they got to spend time with their G Grandparents. How lucky they are. They are making precious memories.