Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swimming the Summer Away!

During our 2 weeks in PG, if the kids weren't splashing around in Grandma's kiddie pool, they could often be found swimming somewhere else!

We took ALL of the cousins (besides Teya, Brinley and Cam who were stuck in New Hampshire) to 7 peaks on one of our swim outings and it was a CRAZY adventure! There were so many people there and it was such a huge park that it was really overwhelming trying to keep tabs on all the kids. In fact, this is the only picture I got because I had to put the camera away to keep Lily from diving in head first!

Although the adults all needed a major nap when we were done, the kids had a blast! Brooklyn and Lily were fearless (much to my dismay) and charged the lazy river and wave pool as if they were dolphins! It took every ounce of my energy to keep Lily from running in till the water was over her head!

Later during our trip we took the kids to a much smaller pool near Grandma's house. It was just the right size for them, and the adults were even able to relax a little.

Not everyone could make it that day, but we still had Joseph and David, as well as Sarah and her two boys, Noa and Micah. (I didn't get any pictures of the older kids because they were off having too much fun to stay still for a camera.)

It was great having my mom there too. You can NEVER underestimate how useful another set of hands can be around large bodies of water when you have little kids!

In fact, she even got brave enough to take the Grand-kids down the water slide! I took Brooklyn and Lily once as well and it was pretty hard. When I popped off the bottom of the slide with Lily I lost my footing and it took me a second to pull her head out from under the water. Luckily, she thought it was funny. Her older sister would have bawled her eyes out!

Even Aunty Sarah had lots of playtime with the kids. I'm pretty sure she gave at least a dozen dolphin rides during our short time there :)

But fun can't last forever. Soon the kids started to do pee pee dances and complain of hunger, so we packed up and headed for home.

Anyway, it didn't really matter where we went to get wet and wild, when it was time to come home, every single one of the kids were wasted and ready for naps... and so were we!


Beccarigg said...

Whoa, you guys are brave to take all the cousins to Seven peaks! I'm impressed you even got ONE picture! We haven't braved a water park with our kids yet because I'm so afraid of someone getting lost and/or drowning! I would be especially freaked out to have an 18 month old who thinks she's a dolphin to keep tabs on! I'm sure you had your work cut out for you!

Love all the pics of the pool by mom's house. Is that the Scera? If it is they sure have upgraded that place big time since we used to swim there. My girls would love to hit up a pool like that. So awesome that you got to go with mom and Sarah. And speaking of mom, DANG WOMAN! That bicep is FOR REAL!!! Why didn't I get mom's skinny leg and buff arm genes? Geez!

Sarah said...

haha these posts are awesome! So many great memories. The one with all the kids passed out is the best. Yikes I have super white legs. They never see the sun anymore. I couldn't stop laughing watching mom go down the slide and go under with the kids especially after reassuring her that her hair wouldn't get wet. She's such good sport. We did so many fun things.