Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary Kevin!


In case things are starting to blur a little after 6 years of marriage... we met on your birthday in October of 2004 when your cousin and I dropped off a present to you (I believe it was a giant bag of gummy bears). We went on a couple of double dates after that... just not together :) And then I invited you to dance in the BYU luau with me.


You said yes (about the BYU luau thing). We danced our hearts out. Things didn't work out with your cousin and I. You and I started to date. And then a few months later, I said YES!

We got married on August 13th, 2005 and it was a party to remember! We spent our honeymoon in Yellowstone National Park, moved in to our first place at the Lilac Apartments in Provo, UT, and then had a crazy remainder of the year with new jobs and classes, some crazy sicknesses, my first experience with cockroaches, and a lot of things to laugh about!


2006 Brought us to the basement of my parents house for a short month, then to Becca and Taber's apartment behind the Wal-mart in Orem for another 2 months, and finally, to a little duplex near UVRMC and the DI in Provo. I got an awesome new job at the BYU WSR Center, you were working in the Bookstore, and we were both still in classes (you at BYU and me at UVSC).


2007 Brought baby news...not an entire baby, just a big belly. We were still living in our duplex, I finished my Associates degree, and you were almost done with your Bachelors in Engineering.


2008 gave us a run for our money...literally! We had our beautiful little Brooklyn in January, you went to China in May for a study abroad while we...

Moved to Chicago for your summer internship! We subleased Brian and Natalie's apartment in Schaumburg and had a great time exploring our new diggs.

In late August we were back in Utah living in my parents basement in Pleasant Grove while you finished your degree. You graduated at the end of December and then we packed up again to move back to Chicago.


We lived in Downers Grove for our first year in Chicago and had fun making new friends and figuring out how to get around without being stuck in traffic for hours at a time! Then somewhere in the middle of the year we found out we were pregnant again with another baby girl!


Which meant we got to ring in 2010 with a new apartment in Lisle, Illinois and the addition of little Lily to our family!


6 years, 2 children, 8 apartments, and 1,392 miles later, we are still happily married. We've had our rough patches, but each one has brought us closer together, taught us how to serve and forgive one another, and miraculously forced us to grow a little maturity along the way! Thank you for sticking it out with me Kev. I love you (and your amazing pecs) more than you will ever know. Happy Anniversary!


Heidi said...

Congrats, you guys. I know this sounds crazy, but Lily looks so much like Esther to me! It's like they are twins but Esther randomly got red hair. I wish we lived closer so they could be BFFs.

Beccarigg said...

Awesome recap! I always love memory lane posts, this one is no exception : ) You guys are a great couple and I'm SO glad you got married and made me such cute little nieces : ) Also glad you married a dude who introduced our side of the fam to running. He earned some serious awesome Brother in law points when he ran Grandma's with me. Love you guys!

Tau said...

Congrats guys! U r a great family and example to us. Hope you enjoyed ur anniversary.

Carl Uda said...

Congratulations to a wonderful couple - Kevin and Naomi Hanks. Kevin, I am so glad you joined our crazy family. I love your little munchkins. Love, Dad Uda.

Sarah said...

Happy belated anniversary you guys! You are such a great example to me and Tau. I hope you had a great day together.