Friday, September 2, 2011

Discovery Park

During our visit to Pleasant Grove, we got to spend lots of time playing with Grandma Uda. One of the many fun things we did together was visit Discovery Park.

The whole park was designed around Scientific learning so there was a lot to do! Brooklyn practiced her climbing skills on the tires, played in the T-Rex skull, ran around the fortress, and touched everything in sight! Lily also had fun swinging with Grandma, kicking around the sand, and playing on the earthquake simulator!

When the girls weren't running around like crazy, Grandma managed to sit them down to build sandcastles!

Lily didn't really get the concept, but she had a blast playing in the dirt, dumping sand on everything, and filling and emptying her bucket repetitively.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, understood EXACTLY what was going on and thought it was great! She concentrated very hard through the whole process and made sure that Grandma didn't forget the important things like a moat, bridge, or flag.

Then after the castles were built and the girls were all tuckered out, Grandma braved the slide one more time so we could take the girls home and put them down for a nap! All in all, it was a fun relaxing day and a great reminder of why we are so blessed to have families.


Beccarigg said...

How is it that I've never been to this discovery park? It looks awesome! Next time I'm out there someone better take me!

p.s. love the sand castle collage. Lily's smile is the "laughing" pic is freaking adorable!

Sarah said...

I love the little fort Brooklyn made with moat and all. Seriously, how cool is mom. I love that she isn't a passive grandma. She totally gets down and dirty. That Lilly is so cute in the sand castle collage pictures. Your girls are always so happy.