Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to the Utah Recap...

Obviously I've been a little unmotivated to finish posting all the pictures we took in Utah! There were over 1,800 on my camera when I got home, so its been a bit of an overwhelming task. That being said, it has to get done! So here I am with some more pictures of my Utah vacation in July.

The day after our Stewart Falls hike, we drove back to Kaysville to say goodbye to Kevin (who had to go back to work...lame!) We spent a few days there just unwinding and relaxing while we waited for my mom and sisters to get back from Virginia. They finally got home and picked us up that following Wednesday and we drove down to Pleasant Grove for some more family fun.

(Since I waited so long to post this, I'm not exactly sure what order everything happened after Kevin left, so I'm just going to post events. Today's event being Grandma Uda's BACKYARD!)

We don't have a backyard at our house...or a front yard for that matter. So walking into Grandma's backyard and jumping into her kiddie pool was a special treat!

The girls were nervous at first, but with the right equipment, they quickly got into it and had fun splashing around with their cousins.

It was really fun to see their imaginations at work while they were watering the fake plants and talking to their imaginary friends!

And if the pool wasn't cool enough, Grandma also had a pretty cool swing set to play on! I think this is the first time Brooklyn ever swung Superman style (thanks to the tutelage of her older cousin Maile)!

Mason (their older cousin) even tried to convince them to combine both things and jump off the swings into the pool. The girls weren't buying it, but Mason had a lot of fun :)

Even Lily and her little cousin Malia had fun playing on the slide together. It was hard to convince them to take turns, but they eventually figured it out!

Throughout the whole trip, both of the girls spent countless hours playing around in the backyard with their cousins. In fact, I hardly said ten words to Brooklyn the whole month because she was having so much fun! It was so neat to see the girls truly enjoying summer the way kids are supposed to and we are grateful for Grandma and Grandpa for letting us crash their backyard!


Beccarigg said...

Once again you amaze me with your picture taking skills. It is hard for me to believe that we have the same camera and yet yours yields such better pics than mine. Obviously there's something to be said about knowing your photography 101. Maybe we can get together sometime and you can teach me ; )

Backyards are the bomb. After living without one for a year and half and then getting one again I appreciate it even more. That is seriously where my kids spend 90% of their day. It's a beautiful thing. Glad you guys had so much fun in the Uda yard.
p.s. that's a seriously sweet kiddie pool!

Tau said...

I want a backyard :) Hope u guys r doing good.

Sarah said...

I want a backyard too. That little pool got a lot of use out of it this summer. I agree with Becca you take amazing pictures. I totally want to learn how to make mine so awesome.