Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chillin' with our Provo and PG Peeps!

Right after we left Idaho, we drove to Pleasant Grove (My mom's house is the gathering place for all things grand) to hang out with all of my family down there.

Scarlet and Jake were watching Rachel's kids while she was with my mom in Virginia for my Grandma's funeral. So we gathered all the kiddos and headed down to BYU to visit my old boss LaNae, shop at the Bookstore, and visit the Museum of Art.

The kids put up with us while we were running our errands, but then they were rewarded with ice cream and a fun visit to the museum. And the nice thing was, the museum was small enough that we saw everything before the kids got too tuckered out!

When we DID finally take off for home, the girls were both wasted. It took them about 3 minutes before they were completely passed out!

Later that night we tried letting Lily sleep in a big girl bed for the first time. A little while into the night she fell off the bed and crawled over to Brooklyn to see if her big sister would comfort her and let her snuggle. Brooklyn rewarded her efforts with a swift kick to the head and a flat out rejection to share her bed. I heard the whole thing through the wall and then went in to comfort Lily and put her back in bed. Incidentally, we still found her like this when we went to wake her up in the morning!

(Update: Since we've been home, we purchased a big girl bed for Lily and she is sleeping in it like a champ!)

The next day Josh and Erin came over with their boys and we all had a GREAT time together watching movies and drinking Root beer Floats. The boys even convinced Uncle Kevin to play a few games of Chess for old time's sake. After their game, we were all off to bed to get some rest before my race in the morning and our hike to Stewart Falls! But you will have to wait to hear about that!

To be continued...


Beccarigg said...

Aw, Provo peeps : ) Wish I could've been there.

That story of Lily falling out of the bed is so sad yet so funny at the same time. The best is that you got a picture of her all scrunched up sleeping on the floor. What a cutie pie. Glad she's figuring out the big girl bed thing, that's pretty young! Teya didn't hit that landmark till she was 3!

Sarah said...

Wow! I missed so many things while I was in VA. I have never thought to take my kids to the museum. What a neat little place. I can't believe Lily is already in a big girl bed. She's all grown up. I love the picture of Lily sleeping on the floor by Brooklyn. Wish I could get Noa and Micah to even sit by each other without punching each other. Lucky