Sunday, May 22, 2011

Epic Vacation: Utah Part 3

So, we FINALLY got our computer fixed... AGAIN! Thus, I am officially back in the blogosphere, and can FINALLY finish updating you all about our awesome vacation!

ANYWAY... Me and the girls got into Pleasant Grove in the evening on Sunday night. We met up with my sister Scarlet's family when we got there and just relaxed and chatted (and teased my dad for making his calves so sore from working out with my mom that he could hardly stand!) until it got pretty late. Then we were off to bed for some rest before the next day.

On Monday, we left my girls in the capable hands of my father and then went out for lunch at Los Hermanos. It was so much fun catching up with my mom and sisters... and enjoying some good grub at the same time!

Later that day, my sister Rachel brought over her kids and we all played for awhile before heading out again to have dinner at Bajio's! (Yes... I gained 5 pounds before I even made it to my cruise.) In the meantime, Brooklyn and Lily had a BLAST playing with all their cousins!

I wasn't able to stay in Pleasant Grove for very long, but by some kind of miracle, I was able to see all my siblings (except Munro who was sick) and their kids before heading back up to Kaysville. It was so wonderful to spend time with them all again and to be reminded of why I am the way I am! :)

On Tuesday morning, my mom drove me back up north and dropped me and the girls off at the Aquarium in Draper where we met up with Janna and Audrey for another day of fun.

I wasn't able to get any pictures of Lily because she was too wiggly, but I did get this great shot of Audrey trying to find Nemo!

My favorite thing that happened at the Aquarium was when I took Brooklyn to the starfish petting area. When we got there, she reached down to touch the starfish but it kept wiggling and it really freaked her out! She was about to burst into tears when I said, "Brooklyn, I don't want you to go through life being afraid to try new things. I want you to be brave and touch the starfish just once, that's all."

Brooklyn timidly agreed with me and then cautiously reached into the tank to touch the fish. Upon contact, the starfish wriggled on her finger which sent her into hysterical giggling. When I saw her smiling and laughing I said, "See! That wasn't so bad! Do you want to touch it again?" Brooklyn immediately stopped smiling, straightened out, and stomped on the floor while scolding me by saying, "MOM! You said ONE TIME!" I had to laugh at her after that and then admit that she was absolutely right.

The next day was spent up in Kaysville preparing for Grandma Hanks' birthday. We knew that all of her grand kids would be there at the same time, so Janna and I finished the pillowcase dresses I had started a while back and then made a few more so that all the cousins would match in their pictures with the birthday girl. But, you'll have to wait till later to hear more about that!

To be continued...



Sarah said...

Hooray!!!! You're back! You're back! I'm so glad your computer is fixed. And I'm so glad you took time to come visit us for a day. It was so fun and I too gained 5 lbs. Did you seriously make all those outfits? You are amazing! They are super cute.

Beccarigg said...

Dad is a spaz, that picture captures his spazness perfectly : ) Hooray for sister dates. I was there in spirit : ) You look super hot in that pic of you and Sarah by the way little miss skinny face! The pics of all the Uda cousins made my day. I just love those nuggets. Also love those dresses you and Janna made. the pics are hysterical! Totally impossible to get them all to make nice smiles together at once. That's what photoshop is for! haha!

p.s. Brooklyn is awesome. The starfish story reminds me of another little girl I know, *cough* Teya *cough cough*