Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Epic Vacation: Antigua

On May 3rd, we woke up in beautiful Antigua and immediately headed a few decks up to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast! Woot!

And in case you were wondering, the view outside of our window consisted of tropical islands, blue water, dolphins, and competing cruise lines.

We quickly got our ducks in a row and hopped off the ship to start our first adventure of the day. Mom and Dad were nice enough to send Kevin and I on a special Nature Tour while they enjoyed some shopping.

The tour started out with us taking a bus, that took us to a speed boat, that took us to a dock, that unloaded us on kayaks! We quickly got on and were off through the mangroves. The water was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and our tour guides were on point! They pulled sea cucumbers and starfish out of the water for us to see and made sure no one got lost... even when Kevin tried to rebel and paddle off where no one could find us. (Luckily I was on the same kayak as him and was able to set him straight!)

When we'd seen all we could in the mangroves, our guides took us to a little cove and let us snorkel. We didn't get any pictures though cause we didn't want our camera to get wet.

Next, we were hauled to shore where everyone was given free rum before a short hike to two beautiful blow holes. Kev and I happily turned down the rum and asked for Hawaiian punch instead, but ended up dumping it in the bush because it tasted like "burning." The good news, they let us have extra banana bread to fill in the imaginary gaps in our bellies!

Then we were on to the hike, which was only about 150 feet up, but allowed us to see the islands from a much better vantage point.

We lingered for awhile and then headed to the speed boat. They drove us back a different way so we could see some sting rays and then headed back to shore. Unfortunately, we ran out of gas before we got there. No worries though. There were 2 speed boats, so we all loaded onto one and slowly headed home. Randomly, when we boarded the other boat we met another couple from Utah that are currently attending BYU! Kind of fun!

After our tour was done, we cleaned up and met with mom and dad for some more site seeing. We got to see a beautiful old cathedral and shop at some pretty fun markets.

It was pretty hot toward the end of the day, but worth it to see the town and the people who lived there.

We even convinced this guy to let us take a picture of him and his nifty little broom!

At the end of the day, we lugged our camera man and souvenirs back to the ship where we spent, yet another night, stuffing our guts with several pounds of gourmet food. YUMMO! Then it was to bed with the over-stuffed travelers in preparation of our upcoming sea days.

To be continued...


Kevin Hanks said...

If you ever want to see Naomi get really mad and annoyed with you, try to paddle off away from the tour group to the other side of the mangroves cause you think you saw a turtle ...

Sarah said...

haha Kevin at least it wasn't me in the back of the kayak. I would've just started crying. All of the pictures are so beautiful. A cruise is sounding very nice to me right now.