Saturday, May 14, 2011

Epic Vacation: Utah Part 1

On April 20th, our plane landed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Grandpa Hanks picked us up and took us home to Kaysville where we relaxed, chatted, and did a little grocery shopping for the week. Craig and Sara drove up that night from Provo for a visit and even decided to stay the night. And after talking to them till late in the evening, I managed to have a VERY good night's sleep!

The next morning Craig had to head back down to work, but Sara stuck around and played with us. We had tons of fun visiting with her and especially enjoyed our visit to a castle park right up the street from Grandma's house.

Grandma packed us a lunch picnic full of nutritious foods such as Twinkies and Go-gurts, and we all stuffed our faces before heading out to play.

The girls loved all the attention they got and both enjoyed trying new things. Brooklyn even manged to get across a few monkey bars by herself and Lily tackled the slide for the first time!

And would you believe, they even played together for a little while without injury and/or crying!

Sara even got in on the action and helped with swing pushing and ladder climbing.

We had a blast at the park and magically managed to leave just as a giant storm swept through. Whew! Then it was home for naps and a little more relaxation for me!

On April 22nd, (the next day) we packed ourselves down to Provo to witness the much anticipated graduation of Craig Hanks!

He looked very intelligent in his Harry Potter robes as he toured us around campus, showing us his favorite study spots and buildings.

After we were done with the commencement and reminiscing, we headed to the Smoking Apple for a delicious lunch, and then back up to Kaysville to prepare for another day.

To be continued...


Tau said...

Is the smoking apple good? I've always wanted to try that place.

Sarah said...

Congrats to Craig. And thanks to Mama and Papa Hanks for bringing you guys out and sharing you with us. Noa had a lot of fun with Brooklyn and Lily

Beccarigg said...

Okay, those park pics just make me happy. That's the best thing about being on vacation, your only job is to play with your kids. So much better when you don't have to worry about running an entire household. That's awesome you could be there for Craig's graduation. Especially since you got to eat at the Smoking Apple when it was done ; )