Friday, May 27, 2011

Epic Vacation: Sea Days!

After we left Antigua, we had 2 full days at sea, a stop in Bermuda, and then another full sea day before landing in New York. On a cruise, sea days are designed to be just as fun as days at port. Our ship had EVERYTHING on it, including several pools, a spa, library, dance club, art gallery, dance shows, music shows, comedians ,cooking shows, galley tours, 24 hour fitness center with classes, ping pong, basket ball, golf, movies in the pool, etc.

But my favorite thing was simply watching the ocean pass us by. It was fascinating to travel in and out of water that came in every color and temperature but was all part of one giant ocean.

We also got to watch some amazing sun rises and sunsets, spot dolphins and flying fish, see birds of every kind, and snatch a peek at a "whale" (aka a spout of water that Kevin insists was a whale.)

When we weren't enjoying the scenery and entertainment, we were enjoying the FOOD! All of us got to dress up every night and head into a formal dining room where we were fed to the point of popping.

In fact, we were always so busy eating that we forgot to take pictures in the dining room or of the food, but we did get some before shots and I managed to bring home 12 extra pounds as a souvenir!!!

When we weren't eating in the formal dining room, we were ordering room service, eating at the 24 hour all-you-can-eat buffet, or snarfing down our unlimited supply of free ice cream!

All that eating aside, Kevin and I also got to see a fun song and dance show, watch a pretty impressive impressionist, window shop, exercise, and spend endless hours sitting on our balcony enjoying the view.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my time at sea in our bedroom. Turns out I'm kind of weak-sauce when I hit the waves. I never got nauseous, but I couldn't see straight, was walking into walls, and had a wicked-awful headache. But its all gravy! I really needed a little relaxation and sleep anyway, so I took the opportunity to get some R&R while Kevin ran several miles around the ship deck and enjoyed hanging out with his parents.

By the time we'd docked in Bermuda and headed out for our last sea day, I'd gotten a pretty good grip on things and was able to enjoy my time with the family. We, of course, used that time to eat some more, hang out, and check out the remainder of the ship.

We even got to attend a cooking show put on by the head chef and ship maitre d! It was one of my favorite shows on board and kept me laughing and drooling the whole time! When it was over, the crew members took us on a tour through the ship galleys where we got to see all the fancy foods they make and get our cookbooks signed my the guys in charge!

Being on board for those sea days was definitely an adventure in and of itself, and one that I will never forget! Now stay tuned for more about our stop in Bermuda!

To be continued...


Tau said...

oh yeah...Sarah and I are definitely doing a cruise. 24/7 eat-fest here we come. Oh and the other stuff sounds fun too. ;)

Colleen H. said...

I'll match your 12 pounds and beat you by... well... more! Sure was fun, though.

Sarah said...

Yay! Keep posting about your cruise. Tau is a finger click away from getting us a cruise. I think one more post will do it :) Seriously though, your trip sounds amazing. I am so glad you guys got to go. I can't believe that the same ocean has so many colors and temps, isn't that funny.

Beccarigg said...

BEST POST EVER! Dude, all the cruise posts have been awesome but this one ran away with the prize with all that talk of food glorious food! WOW! I would've been ticked at myself if I didn't gain 12 lbs on a cruise. that's the only way to do it! If you didn't take advantage of that it would've been wrong, just plain wrong, so good work dude! And anyways, 12 lbs or not, you still look smoking hot!

Beccarigg said...

p.s. the collage comparing the water color of the different oceans is dope! Bermuda is amiz-azzing!