Saturday, May 14, 2011

Epic Vacation: Utah Part 2

April 23rd was Easter Bunny Day! Brooklyn and Lily, along with cousin Audrey, woke up bright and early to discover what the Easter Bunny had left behind for them.

Their baskets were all loaded with sweet treats, stuffed animals, and little books. Brooklyn was the only one who had any idea what was going on, but all the girls enjoyed getting spoiled a little.

After searching through baskets and eating a good breakfast, we headed outdoors for an Easter Egg hunt put on by some wonderful people in Grandma's ward/neighborhood. It was very well organized and had hunting grounds for kids of all ages!

Brooklyn was one of the oldest in her age group and made VERY fast work of it all. She was running so fast from egg to egg that I could hardly keep track of her.

Lily needed a little more encouragement then her big sister. The grass where the eggs were hiding was pretty long and it kind of freaked her out. However, as soon as she discovered that their was chocolate in the eggs, she went right to work. She gathered about 3 eggs and then spent the rest of the time trying to open them and eat the goodness within.

At the end of the hunt, the kids emptied their eggs into their baskets and left the plastic shells in laundry baskets all over the neighborhood to be reused next year. Lily kept trying to steal the empty eggs though, in hopes that something wonderful might still fall out!

A little while after the egg hunt, Aunt Janna and Grandma Hanks took the girls over to some nearby ponds to get some wiggles out and feed the ducks. As you can clearly see from Brooklyn's face, they had a very enjoyable time.

Then, after lunch and naps, we sat down to dye some Easter eggs. I don't actually know whatever became of those eggs...but we sure had fun getting them colored! (Or in Lily's case, eating chocolate chip cookies while she WATCHED us color them.)

Easter Sunday was a little crazy at the Hanks home. Every year Mom Hanks puts on a big Easter dinner for all the cousins who live nearby, or are attending college and have no place else to go. She makes a TON of food and crams a ton of people into her house. Then we all just eat and eat and eat...and then play some games and eat some more! Thus, the day consisted of a lot of preparation, cooking, setting up, church, and then partying!

In all the chaos, I forgot to take a picture of my girls in their cute Easter dresses. So, all you get is this picture I took on my phone to show Brooklyn what her hair looked like. You can kind of see her outfit that was a compilation of a hand-me-down dress from our friends, the Moodys, and a cute cardigan from Grandma.

Anyway, after the dinner I left to Pleasant Grove with my parents where the story will continue on tomorrow!

To be continued...


Sarah said...

It looks like they had a very fun Easter bunny day at the Hank's house. I love all the pictures of the girls. They are so beautiful. Can't wait to hear all of the other updates.

Tau said...

Dope Easter! Let me know about that easter egg hunt next year, I'd like to get in on that ;) Looks like the girls really enjoyed themselves.

Beccarigg said...

Brooklyn looks so stinking cute in that dress she wore during the egg hunt. And Lily! Oh my precious little Lily! she is so not a baby anymore : ( Can't believe how big those little nuggets are getting!