Friday, May 27, 2011

Epic Vacation: Bermuda

After 2 full days at sea, we docked in Bermuda! The islands were very small and scattered so it didn't feel crowded at all, and the water was the prettiest color I've ever seen in nature!

We got off the ship and wandered around the dock for a little bit until we figured out what we wanted to do. In the meantime... we got some pretty cool shots of our fantastically ginormous ship!

Finally we found a little tour group that was setting sail on a catamaran to go snorkeling in a private area. We hopped on board and enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL ride through the islands whilst our Hilariously TMI Tour Guide told us about the islands, the Bermuda Triangle, their footless birds, and her cat that gave her fleas. :)

After about an hour of sailing we arrived at our destination and geared up for some snorkeling. It was a little cold that day so most of the tourists stayed on board and drank rum while the few and the brave jumped in and started exploring. And since we were the only ones uninterested in the rum-filled after party, we were the last ones to get back on the boat before heading back to shore.

The ride back was even colder then the ride in since we were all wet! But it was still beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing,

After our excursion was over, we showered, ate another huge meal at the buffet, and then headed out for some shopping on shore.

We ended up entering an old building with a giant clock tower that turned out to be a MALL! We got all sorts of fun souvenirs for the girls and then moved on to some other shopping areas where we found wild chickens and trees that looked like GIANT pineapples. YUM!

Then we headed back to the ship in hopes of boarding before it took off again!

We made it just on time, but to our surprise... so did everyone else. At all the other ports we just walked on and off the ship freely, but security was REALLY strict in Bermuda (I got yelled at for wearing my sunglasses while they were checking my photo ID) and it slowed down the line considerably.

But that's OK! We got to chat with some interesting people, and Dad (who boarded before we even finished shopping) was able to catch us on camera from a birds eye view!

When we got on board it was back to the dinner table to stuff our guts and then some playtime before we were off to bed and our last day at sea.

To be continued...


Tara said...

Wow that is beautiful. That water is like a giant gem. You look so pretty, Naomi! Oh and Kevin, too, so pretty! ;)

Karina Morales said...

Naomi, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip. I'm so jealous...AND I'm really looking forward to the part about New York! :)

Beccarigg said...

That water is insane! It's like blue raspberry popsicle blue! I want to make a snow cone with it! (except it is probably bath water warm and salty, so maybe not ; ) Bermuda looks amazing! And so do you guys in that 3rd to last picture! oh my gosh! Seriously you need to blow that up and frame it!

Beccarigg said...

p.s. the blog makeover looks AWESOME! so glad you blew those pics up, doesn't do them justice when they're small. : )

Tau said...

Nice. That weather looks heavenly. I would love to go swimming somewhere other than my tub right now. And gotta give another shout out to the buffets on cruises...can't wait to try that someday.