Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lily's 1st Day of Preschool!

On September 9th, Lily started her very first day of PRESCHOOL! As many of you know, I teach preschool from my home. Last year I alternated teaching days with my friend Arielle, but sadly, she moved after the end of the year :( Lucky for me though, another dear friend of mine offered to co teach with me, and her little boy, Aiden, joined the class and has been an excellent little school friend for Lily!

Just like her big sister, I made sure to interview Lily at the beginning of her big day. It was fun to see the influence of her big sister on her answers.

After Lily was interviewed and both girls were dressed and ready to go to school, they said their goodbyes and Brooklyn hopped on the bus while we headed to the backyard for a few pictures.

Lily usually doesn't cooperate during photo shoots, but she seemed to know she was THE very special person of the day, and I was lucky enough to get this great shot of her before class started.

After taking pictures we waited for Aiden to arrive...and when he did, the party REALLY got started!

We learned about the letter A and about our 5 senses on day one, but really, most of the day was spent teaching them how to sit still, follow instructions, and hold a pencil :) They both did great though and are now super preschool pros!

When class was over, we waived goodbye to Aiden and then had a celebratory dance before we sat back to wait for Brooklyn to return home. It was a fun day and so amazing to be able to see my little one's progress and grow, right in my very own home!

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