Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bike Rides and Birthday Parties!

On September 5th, Kevin packed his bags and flew out to Utah to participate in the LOTOJA (on September 7th) with his dad. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, the LOTOJA is a one day, 200 mile bike race from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY... Yup... CRAZY SAUCE!

I can't tell you much about the race because I wasn't there, and my dear sweet husband isn't much into details :) But this is what I do know: He had no hills to train on in Chicago, nor did he have enough time to train any where near the distance, but he made it! And he made it ALIVE thanks to his very buff and fit Dad who let him draft behind him for much of the way :)

I also know that Dell and Kevin started way before their slotted time (in hopes of finishing the race before it closed) and finished just minutes AFTER it closed! But because they were lit up like Christmas trees when they came riding in, the race staff still let them finish and gave them some pretty awesome medals for doing so!

Kevin told me afterward that the race was much more challenging than a marathon and that he never wanted to eat GU or any CHOMPS (blocks of scientifically altered sugar that are supposed to give you energy during your races) again for the rest of his life! The Monster Cookies that he and his dad survived on, however, have already been welcomed back in to his daily diet!

And while Kevin was off having fun in Utah...

We celebrated our little friend, Ellie's, Birthday at Jonamac Orchards! (Ellie is the cute little thing in pink standing behind Lily.)

It was a busy day because I was also helping to throw a baby shower that morning, but we had so much fun at the petting zoo, on the giant blow up bounce pad, on the barrel train, in the hay maze, in the corn pit, and drinking apple cider and eating apple cider donuts with the Booths and DaSilvas!

It was fun to have something to do while Kevin was away and was the perfect way to spend our last weekend before Kevin got home and Lily started Preschool!

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