Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Special day for a Special Girl...

By September 12th, Brooklyn being in full day Kindergarten was REALLY taking its toll on Lily. She was very lonely without her big sister. So lonely in fact, that about an hour after Brooklyn left each day, Lily would start asking if it was time to go outside and wait for Brooklyn to come home yet! My heart was breaking for the poor girl anyway, but when she started crying at her sister's departure on the 12th,  I decided to have a special day just for her. I asked her where she wanted to spend the day, and without hesitation, she shouted "THE ZOO!" So... to the zoo we went!

It took her all of 2 seconds to realize that she had me ALL to herself, and that made her VERY happy! Especially after I told her that she was the boss and I would take her wherever she wanted to go!

She dragged me around to see the dolphins and seals, then over to see the naked mole rats and the porcupine (who was very angry at me for taking his picture). After that we saw the alligators in the swamp, and even got to see the snakes eat their morning RATS! (Something that deeply disturbed Lily since she owns a pet rat... but after explaining the circle of life, she seemed to be OK with it!) After the rat encounter, we headed over to see the wild cats. We were lucky that they were all awake and quite active! I even got a picture of Lily mimicking the yawning tiger we saw!

After seeing so many fun animals, Lily asked for some macaroni and cheese. Lucky for me, there happened to be a place at the zoo that sold macaroni and cheese! We grabbed some lunch and then sat down to eat. But it wasn't long before...

This guy came around and started stalking us! He ended up eating over half of our fries and would get right up in our faces and bob his head until we fed him. It was a little creepy, but fun at the same time!

When lunch was over, Lily asked if we could ride the tram that does tours around the zoo. I agreed, and 2 hours later, after we had heard the whole tour and seen the whole zoo TWICE, she finally decided she was ready to get off and head home :)

We had so much fun together at the zoo and I am SO glad that I paused on all the things that I usually feel are important, to spend some quality time with my little Lily!

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