Monday, December 30, 2013

Brooklyn's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

August 21st was Brooklyn's 1st day of Kindergarten! Building up to the event was quite a fiasco, but we made sure that her first day was special despite the problems we were having with the school. What problems you ask? Well, here is the short version:

The school decided to offer full day Kindergarten along with their regular half day Kindergarten (except full day would cost $2,000 and half day would be free). They told the parents that full dayers would be smarter and all that jazz, but because I felt the transition would be too hard and I wasn't about to pay for public school, we opted for half day. Well... we were the only ones! Which lead to a lot of pressure to switch over to full day, many conversations about how Brooklyn would be deprived and wouldn't be allowed to play on the recess equipment or participate in any arts programs, and some frustrating comments about my poor decision making being because I am a stay at home mom, as well as the awkward suggestion that if I can't afford it, why don't I put Brooklyn in ESL. Yeah... it was crazy!

Anyway, I was FINALLY able to surpass the office staff and talk to the principle who was WONDERFUL and kind and by the second week of school, had helped me to get Brooklyn in full day with her fees waived. But I digress... Here is what you really came here for. PICTURES!

Ever since Brooklyn started preschool I have been interviewing her with these questions. It has been so much fun to see how her answers have changed over the years.

Brooklyn is bused to and from school so we all got to say goodbye to her at the front door.

Daddy followed Brooklyn over to the school and got to stay for the first half of the morning. She was so excited when they finally arrived!

The school had everything organized and ready to go, including name tags for all the Kindergartners so that they wouldn't get lost and would receive help wherever they went.

Lots of parents came to show their kids into the school on their first day. Brooklyn just looked too small to be going to school whilst she was standing amongst them.

Daddy got to go into the classroom and see Brooklyn's cubby and desk before they ushered him out for a complementary breakfast and then sent him home...

where we all waited together for our little Brooklyn to come home. We picked her up at the door and Lily even bought her flowers to let her know how much she was missed!

Brooklyn had a GREAT first day of Kindergarten and has loved every day since!


Jennie said...

Super cute! And I totally support her favorite cartoon now being Avatar.

Erin Uda said...

Love that the principal was so cool about things; Brooklyn looks so happy!

Beccarigg said...

Such a cute idea to bring her flowers! She looks adorable to the max in all these pictures. Can't believe our Brinners and Brookers are kindergartners!