Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanksgiving in Detroit

For Thanksgiving this year, Kevin, Jennie and I, packed up the girls and headed to Detroit to spend time with Andrew, Sharon, and Eve.

Early Thanksgiving morning, Kevin and Andrew left to participate in the ward Turkey Bowl. They don't remember if they won or lost, or even who's team they were on, but they had a ton of fun and got REALLY muddy!

When they got back from their game, Kevin and I packed up the stroller and headed out for our annual Turkey Trot. We didn't have enough money to register for a real one this year, so we had our own "Poor Man's Turkey Trot" on the streets of Detroit and on a nearby track :)

After we conquered our 4 mile run, we showered and began preparations for our amazing Thanksgiving feast, complete with Kalua Turkey, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, jello salad, and pie... LOTS of PIE!

Then it was time to veg out! Lily took her usual place on Jennies lap where they watched Dora the Explorer via the iPod, read scriptures, and snacked on leftovers.

Brooklyn also managed to lay claim on someone... her Uncle Andrew. Unfortunately for him, she is a little less peaceful than Lily which resulted in Andrew getting poked, prodded, and pounced on for hours on end!

And dear old Kevin vegged out Nintendo style (with a little company from Andrew.)

The next day we headed over to the Henry Ford Museum (compliments of my sister Erin).

We saw LOTS of planes, trains, and automobiles.

And some weird statues as well! (3 out of the 5 people in this picture are fake.)

And then we let all the kids play to their hearts content... adult kids included.

But of course, Brooklyn's favorite thing at the museum was not inside, but outside... and not technically part of the museum either :)

That night we enjoyed a fondue party and a Stargate marathon before heading to bed to rest for our long drive home in the morning.

We had so much fun with the Smith's and are so grateful for their friendship and hospitality. The food was great, the activities were great, and the company was fantastic!


Sarah said...

MMmmmmm Fondue. That looks so delicious. What a fun little trip and I love that you did a poor man's turkey trot. Tau and I totally need to start doing those kinds of 5k's instead of the ones where we pay and just show up to grab our t-shirt. Might be more effective :) Love that the kids are so comfortable with other people. It just warms the heart to have a kid cuddle you.

Jennie said...

It was so great being there! Thanks again to Andrew and Sharon for being the best ever and letting us come play with you guys!

Tau said...

Fondue is amazing. Holidays with family are special times. I'm glad you guys could spend it with some family. We missed you guys but are glad you had fun this Thanksgiving!

Kevin Hanks said...

Thanksgiving was awesome this year! If you look real hard at the lego picture... I'm making the CCTV Building in Beijing! What a great museum.

Beccarigg said...

Kalua turkey!! Drool....Fondue!!! Drool...

So cute how Lily just parks herself in Jennie's lap. Also cute to see Brooklyn cuddling Andrew. Guess your kids are not shy are they?