Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Kevin, Becca and Taber went out for a 13.1 (or more) mile run on the Applefest Half Marathon course. They all wore Santa hats to get in the spirit of things and received many friendly honks and waves in return. And while they were out... I held down the fort until reinforcements could arrive :)

Once everyone was back from running, fed, and showered, we started going on shopping splits for last minute gifts and to prepare for the Rigg's Christmas Eve party!

Then right before the party started, Taber took the girls to drop off some "12 days of Christmas" gifts. They were very stealthy and well prepared for the drop as you can tell by the map Taber is planning out for everyone :)

Unfortunately, Brinley started barfing her guts out just minutes before the guests arrived. But no worries! Becca kept her game face on, got things cleaned up, quarantined Brinley upstairs with a puke pail and some movies, and then got the party started!

She and her friends had thought of everything! Chicken nuggets and smiley fries for the kid plates,  gingerbread men for the children to decorate and Christmas cartoons to keep them entertained...

And lots of yummy Cafe Rio style food for the adults to munch on whilst engaging in conversation uninterrupted by little people!

When dinner was done, we had a great Christmas program, complete with music and a very cute (and CRAZY) Nativity... and then we sent everyone home to their beds so Santa could come and pay us all a visit!


Beccarigg said...

Wow, I look so pretty in that picture with the lettuce, I should seriously be a lettuce model. ; ) So glad you guys were there to help with the Christmas eve party. There is no way in heck we would've been able to pull it off without you, especially with Brinley puking 20 minutes before the guests arrived! You guys rock and are hereby invited to spend Christmas eve with us every year from now on ; )

Jennie said...

Looks like fun! I don't think I've done a kids nativity in a decade. Too cute :)

Sarah said...

mmmm that cafe rio food looks so good. Kevin makes that right? I need the recipe. I am drooling. Props to Kevin and them for running over the holidays. I'm still laughing about the Merry Christmas video. Noa keeps having my play it. They are so cute.