Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting our Christmas Prep ON!

On the 22nd and 23rd of December, we started to pound out the rest of our Christmas preparations. Basically that meant me and Becca went shopping, Taber and Kevin watched the kids... Kevin and Taber went shopping, Becca and I watched the kids... Me and Kevin went shopping, Becca and Taber watched the kids... you get the gist of it. A lot revolves around your children when your house contains an almost-1-year-old, almost-2-year-old, 3 year old, almost-4-year-old, and 5 year old!!!

But don't worry! The kiddos had limitless fun whilst the adults were getting things under wraps! They had a blast playing on the trampoline, in the playroom, and in the craft room too.

And we managed to get them out to the park between shopping trips as well! And BOY were they excited about that!

It was pretty funny watching Becca and Taber gush all over Camden at the park. He is the cutest little boy on the planet so you can't really blame them :)

Meanwhile,  Brooklyn kept us pretty busy spotting her while she practiced climbing like her Daddy.

Teya was at school when we were at the park, and although she was missed, Brooklyn and Brinley played GREAT together!

We all had a blast enjoying the unusually warm winter weather, but soon it was time for Lily and Cam to go down for naps. So Becca and I headed for home with the babies while Taber and Kevin stayed a little longer so the girls could play...

Ummm...errr.. or so they could play!

During our shopping days we also managed to go out and see the movie "Arthur Christmas" and to have some pretty groovy dance parties complements of Auntie Becca... See for yourself! Stay tuned for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day adventures!

To be continued...


Beccarigg said...

Paparazzi parents pic: Hilarious. Taber the monkey pic: hilarious. Me and Teya both rocking out: Hilarious. That Dance video...um, slightly mortifying but also... kind of hilarious ; )

Cindy Uda said...

These pictures remind me of when all of you kids were at hope and we would all dance in our little living room. The pictures on the walls would start bouncing. Fun memories and now you all are making new ones. How fun!

Sarah said...

Yep thats Becca. The true energizer bunny. Brooklyn is so cute jamming in the background. She was really into it. Dance parties rule. I can't imagine what its like when you leave Taber and Kevin alone together. Male bonding...awesome. Cute pictures