Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scary Moments in Motherhood...

A couple weeks ago my entire family got Croup. For the most part it was just an annoyance, but after a little while Lily started to get a little worse off then the rest of us. Then, a couple days into it, I went to get her up from her nap and was handed a major surprise.

She was really emotional so I put her on the couch and went to turn some Dora on to help her feel better. As I was switching on the TV I heard her coughing again and quickly glanced back to see if she was okay. What I saw was my little girl COVERED in blood! It scared the hooby jooby out of me and I immediately ran to pick her up, stuck her in the sink, and called my mom in a panic. The blood was coming from her nose, out her mouth when she coughed, and in bouts of vomit. It totally freaked me out!

Turns out, she had such a bad bloody nose, it was leaking into her stomach and causing her to cough and vomit blood. It took about 15 minutes to get the bleeding to stop and then another 15 minutes to scrub all the blood off of her. Here is a picture I took of her after about 5 minutes of scrubbing. Saddest most horrible thing in the world!

Moral of the story? 

1. Motherhood can be REALLY scary!
2. Anyone who can call their mom for help at the drop of a hat is a LUCKY and BLESSED individual.
3. If your kids get Croup, use a humidifier so they don't get dry throats and sinuses that can lead to terrifying bloody noses!


Sarah said...

Poor little thing! That is so scary. I would have freaked. and Tau would have for sure passed out. I'm glad it was just a bloody nose and not something else. That picture just breaks my heart. Motherhood is full of surprises.

Tau said...

What a sad picture. Poor Lily. And this is just another example of how great mothers are and what they do for their children. I'm so grateful for Sarah, my mom, Naomi, and all the other great mothers out there blessing the lives of their children. You are the boo boo healers. You are the good food makers. You are the best teachers and coaches. You are the loving arms that the children (and spouses) run to. Thank you! (Not sure what brought that on but moms can never get praised too much.)

Kevin Hanks said...

Amen Tau!

Beccarigg said...

Oh my gosh! That picture is horrifying! I would've freaked out so bad! Good job staying calm and taking care of the situation. Glad it wasn't something worse! Poor little thing!