Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Settling In...

When we woke up the day after our arrival, Taber had to go to work (poor guy) while Kevin, Becca and I held down the fort. We mostly just relaxed and played with the kids until Taber got home.

The girls did TONS of art projects, including some gingerbread houses, and pretty much kept themselves entertained the whole day!

Although, I did take the opportunity to spin the girls in the office chair for awhile... and then watch them try to run away :) Hehehe!

When Taber came home be was surprised by a new blog book from Becca. He, in turn, surprised her with some beautiful roses. (It was their 10th anniversary.)

Then Kevin and I volunteered to babysit so they could go on an anniversary date. It was sooo much fun hanging out with our nieces and nephew. This trip was our first time meeting Cam so we were just eating it up!

And I think Becca and Taber had a pretty good day as well :) Happy Anniversary guys. Glad you made it another AWESOME year!


Tau said...

Very cool! Happy Anniversary again to one of the coolest and kindest couples I know.

Beccarigg said...

You guys are the coolest for babysitting so we could go out! Muchas gracias dude! Also, how do you edit your pics? Lovin' the black and white and color thing going on. Super cool!

Sarah said...

Aaww happy anniversary to the cute couple. How cool that they had you there so they could go on a date. You guys are awesome. I can't believe you hadn't met Camden yet. About time. Spinning kids and then making them run is pretty hilarious. Videos please