Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uda Invasion Part 4: Our Day Downtown

Saturday was the first day that everyone who made it out to Chicago was together! So to celebrate, we decided to spend the whole day downtown, sans children (except Manti who is still nursing!)

We all met at my house, gave tons of hugs, packed our things, and divided ourselves among vehicles.

I got to drive up with Kevin, Dad, Chris, and Pae. It was fun to have a little more time to catch up with them...and to take a nap!

When we got downtown, we headed straight to Navy Pier where we boarded a Sea Dog Speed boat for the Architectural Tour of Chicago!

We have toured downtown MANY times, but it was definitely an awesome experience to see it via boat, even though our tour guide was VERY strange!

After the boat tour, we walked around Navy Pier for a little while, had some famous Chicago popcorn and Hot dogs, and then started walking toward Millennium park and The Bean!

We looked like an Asian tour group with Kevin leading the way and the rest of us following behind taking pictures!

Even though the family was not complete, it was still pretty neat to get some pictures of so many of us together.

The Bean delivered, as usual, and we were able to get some pretty neat pictures by it.

Including this one....

And this one!

When we were done seeing all the park had to offer, we started to head back to our car, making sure to take in all the rest of the city's beauty on the way there.

Our visit downtown was a huge success and it was so much fun to just hang out with my family again. Favorite moment of the whole day: A bunch of teenage girls walked past Kevin while he was carrying Manti across his chest. They all started squealing with delight and talking about how cute it was. Kevin put on his most charming smile and said "Why thank you! I made him myself!" Oooooh SNAP! I was laughing so hard and expect that Tau will be coming after Kevin any moment now :)

To be continued...


Rachel Murdock said...

Aww good memories! That was sooooo much fun. I really miss my Uda family!

Beccarigg said...

Haha! We totally did look like an Asian tourist group. lol! Also our tour guide WAS very VERY strange, but it was still a great time. So many great pics, yay for family!