Thursday, May 23, 2013

The After Math...

After all our Hanks family visitors were safely on their way home, me and the girls crashed! We spent the entire day snuggled up together on the couch, watching TV, and cat napping. At first I thought it was just from being tired after company, but it turned out that Lily was actually sick! She developed a really high fever the night after everyone was gone and spent the next WEEK crying on my lap, refusing to get off unless I had to go to the bathroom. It was a loooooong week!

Luckily, the fever eventually subsided and we were all back to normal right on time to celebrate EASTER! The girls got some pretty simple baskets with puzzles, art supplies, and some much needed underwear and socks! They also got beautiful new Easter dresses from their Grandma Hanks.

And since I finally had Lily out of my lap, I was able to make some fun Easter gifts for the ladies I visit teach :) Oh! and as a side note, I took the 30 day challenge in March and read the entire Book of Mormon between March 1st and March 31st. I finished on Easter morning and it was the most incredible experience I have ever had concerning the Book of Mormon! I Highly recommend it :)

The next weekend was General Conference and we were able to share some yummy breakfast crepes and waffles with our good friends, the Booths, before Saturday morning session commenced. We always have so much fun with the Booths. Combine that with great food, a spiritual message, and some impromptu kite flying, and it was the best morning ever!

The weekend after Conference turned out to be a busy one as well. I had some meetings at the church, after which we attended the baptism of two new members to our ward and then we got our family pictures taken by the ward young women to help them earn money for girls camp. It was a really fun day and we even got some pretty good pictures :)

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Beccarigg said...

You are a babe, so photogenic! Also the girls look precious in their Easter dresses. I pretty much have the cutest nieces ever.