Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uda Invasion Part 1: Sarah and Manti!

As I mentioned before, MANY Uda's descended upon Chicago during the month of April! First off was my little sister Sarah and her youngest son Manti.

Sarah and Manti arrived on Sunday, April 21st and it took all of 2 seconds before she and Manti were like celebrities in our home!

Brooklyn fell completely in love with Manti and hasn't stopped asking me when I am going to "get her one" ever since then :)

Once Sarah and Manti were rested from their flight we got straight to the fun. We took them on a little walk to Ty Warner park about a mile from our home and had a great time enjoying the weather, the park, and the company.

The next day, for Family Home Evening, Sarah helped us to put together a little garden in our backyard. It was a little late-ish at night, but we still had a lot of fun piecing things together and playing in the dirt.

Something really fun about having Sarah around is that she really enjoys to craft, just like me! So on Tuesday (our last day together before the rest of the crew arrived), we set to work on a project. In one day we were able to sew an adorable blanket for Sarah's sister-in-law who just had a baby! Sarah did all the actual sewing. I cut out the turtle and did a bit of directing. In the end, I think it turned out beautifully!

Then on Tuesday night, Sarah and Kevin set to work cooking us a feast. It was wonderful to eat all the delicious goodness that they created and a fun way to prepare for the arrival of Liz and Rachel the next day!

We had sooooo much fun enjoying our one-on-one time with Sarah and Manti and are very grateful that they made the sacrifice to come out and see us. (Thank you Tau!)

To be continued...

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Beccarigg said...

Yeah I do think you need to "get one" of those cute little babies for Brooklyn. It's pretty easy actually, all you got to do is go to bed with Kevin and give him some big juicy kisses and boom! Baby. That's how it works, just ask Teya ;)