Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uda Invasion Part 2: Rachel and Liz!

On Wednesday, April 24th, my sister Rachel flew in from Hawaii and my sister Liz flew in from Utah!

Getting them from the airport was a bit of a fiasco, but eventually we all met up and were able to head back to my house.

Once we got home, Liz and Rae were greeted with lots of enthusiastic loves and snuggles from the nieces and nephew.

And there were enough baby snuggles for a life time!

That night, despite being awake for more than 36 hours, Rachel and Liz came with me and Sarah to my halau where Sarah taught my hula class how to dance a new Tahitian song. This was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I felt so loved when my exhausted sisters made the effort to come to halau and dance with me, and really just be a part of my life. And Sarah was so amazing! The halau girls all loved dancing with her and we have already performed the dance multiple times since then for live audiences!

That night we all curled up on the couch together, talked about life, and watched funny videos on YouTube whilst eating homemade beef stew! It was just perfect!

The next day, Thursday the 25th, my sister Becca drove down from Geneva (45 minutes away) to join in on the fun.

Once she arrived, we all headed over to Labriola's together to enjoy some awesome Italian food and gelato for lunch!!!

I had so much fun at lunch with my sisters and really wished it was something we could do more often. We filled our bellies with goodness, enjoyed lots of laughter, and were able to really catch up on each other's lives. More perfection in my book!

After lunch, we all headed over to a salon where I introduced my sisters to eyebrow threading. It was one of those horrific bonding experiences where you suffer DURING the event, but afterward everyone is thrilled with the outcome :)

Anyway, after the salon, Becca carted all the girls up to Geneva where they would wait for Kevin and I to pick up Chris, Pae, and my dad the following day before we drove out to join them. More to come on that...later!

To be continued...


Liz Uda Mucci said...

YAY~~~ ha ha ha I am glad that half my pictures were of your use... I had more you should have told me.... I had pics of the threading experience and everything... It was an awesome trip and I miss you already! love ya

Beccarigg said...

Ah the airport fiascos. I would say the airport was really the only pain in the butt of the trip. Everything else went pretty darn smoothly! That was so much fun hanging out and going to lunch and getting our eyebrows threaded, even though next time I want a!