Friday, August 17, 2012

Utah: Part 9 (Kaysville Bound)

The morning of July 5th marked the end of the Uda Family Reunion, so Kevin and I packed up our bags and headed north to Kaysville to spend some time with the Hanks family!

It took about 2 seconds for Brooklyn to go flying out the backdoor and onto the trampoline. She had been talking about it for months and wanted to make sure she spent some good quality time with it!

But grandma had another surprise up her sleeve... Down in the basement she had put together a little roller coaster! All the kids loved it, but Lily could hardly be separated from the thing. It was really fun to watch her go again and again :)

After all the chaos of 12 grandchildren at the Uda house, Brooklyn and Lily were happy to have a little downtime reading with grandpa and having the whole house to themselves. But it wasn't long before they started asking where all their Hanks cousins were!

Lily was especially excited to see Audrey, (who is 3 weeks older than her) and once they were together it was a hoot watching them interact and learn new things from each other. But that would all come later, first we had to prepare for the 100 mile bike ride that the Hanks siblings were about to embark on... more to come on that, later!

To be continued...

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