Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah: Part 7 (Family Pictures)

Uda Family 2012 (Chris and Pae not pictured) Carl, Cindy, Rachel, Munro, Mason, Maile, Malia, Josh, Erin Joseph, David, Taber, Becca, Teya, Brinley, Camden, Kevin, Naomi, Brooklyn, Lily, Tau, Sarah, Noa, Micah, Jacob, Scarlet, Liz, Tony, and Gizmo.

Grandma and Grandpa Uda with their grandchildren... its hard to keep that many little ones happy all at once!

Grandchildren picture... It was a miracle that we got them all in... especially since Camden was trying really hard to run away!

Carl and Cindy with their children.

Uda Siblings in line, youngest to oldest, ages 23-35, all 2 years apart in age.

When my parents got married, someone grabbed my mom and said, "How can you marry that man?! Don't you know your kids will look like monkeys?!"

 I guess he was right!

 Old School Uda picture.

We were trying to look like our ancestors!

 Mom and Dad Uda

Kevin and Brooklyn, entertaining each other during down time.

 Digging for buried treasures...

Hanks Family take 2... Lily cried during the entire photo shoot, not just because we tipped her upside down :)

 Brooklyn loves getting her picture taken.

She requested that I do her hair in a star for family pictures. This is the best I could do!

Mommy and Brooklyn, right before we headed back home.


Beccarigg said...

Cam running away, LOLZ! Oh that boy :) These pics came out awesome. Yeah for Clark! and Yeah for Japanese ancestors :)

Tau said...

I was amazed that we got everyone in one shot. The family is just growing...it's awesome.