Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah: Part 5 (Eat, Run, Swim!)

On Sunday, July 1st, The Hanks and Ioane families were put in charge of doing dinner after church. We agreed to do a pizza bar and it turned out pretty great! Kevin made each family their own pizza dough crust and then a family representative would take it to the table where they could top it with whatever their family desired. Thanks to Sarah and Tau, those ingredients included just about any kind of meat or veggie you could possibly think of and all the pizzas were delicious!

The next morning Kevin and Munro woke up early and went running together up Battle Creek Canyon. The canyon is literally right up the street from my mom's house, so Kevin wanted to take advantage of it before he headed home to mountain-less-Chicago!

When they got home, we packed our bags and greased down our kids for a day at Seven Peaks Water Park. The park is humongous and always has a TON of people there during holiday weeks, so prepping my kids also included writing my phone number on their arms in case they managed to slip away (don't worry dad, I blurred the numbers in the picture so no creepy people start calling me).

When we got to the park the kids could hardly contain themselves! In a matter of minutes we were through the gates and pickling ourselves in chlorination and sunscreen residue!

We also enjoyed some pretty good grub between rounds in the lazy river and wave pool!

Kids and adults alike had a blast splashing around in the many pools and basking in the desert sunshine!

And miracle of miracles... neither of my children managed to slip away, saving me from the embarrassment of actually having someone call my cell phone having found them!

To be continued...

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Tau said...

Love the pic with Noa and the girls. It was a fun day at the water park and that pizza was off da chizz-ain! Well done Hanks family...well done.