Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah: Part 6 (Kids Crafts)

On July 3rd we scheduled to have Uda family pictures taken... but since the photo shoot wasn't until the evening, I had to entertain the kiddos during the day! They swam a LOT, but between dips in the pool we did crafts. We started things out easy with some paper crafts. The girls made butterflies and owls, and the boys made rocket ships and 3D Captain America paper dolls! Uncle Tau even got in on the action and made himself a sweet rocket ship :)

Later in the day we made PVC pipe marshmallow guns and had an EPIC marshmallow fight! Unfortunately, I was too busy trying NOT to get shot to remember to take pictures!

In the evening (after pictures) we all made Tie Dye shirts/pillowcases, or whatever else people could find! It was funny because the activity was meant for the kids, but Uncle Munro and Grandpa Uda seemed to enjoy it the most! :)

Another project we worked on was an Uda Family Tree. My Dad painted the tree on some canvas and then each of us left a green thumbprint for the leaves. It actually turned out really cool!

And on a random note, we also witnessed the beginning of yet another summer fire in the mountains up the street from my mom's house. Luckily, it never moved our direction!

To be continued...

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Beccarigg said...

Thank you for entertaining my children with your amazing crafts. Just so you know, Taber loves the marshmallow gun. He brought it to our ward campout and the young men had a hey day with it. Two of them even used it in the talent show. One shot marshmallows and the other stood 20 ft away and caught them in his mouth. Pretty hilarious! (and kind of gross if you think about it)